The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has adopted “Policy Statement 565 - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security” recommending all public and private infrastructure owners strengthen their Cyber and Security programs. These recommendations focus on the detection, response and reporting of cyber and physical threats. 

The policy statement also recommends the ensured funding is allocated to modernize systems and deter threats, as well as maintaining an adequate workforce to properly manage threats and educate staff within the public and private sectors. As stewards of infrastructure and the civil engineers who plan, design, construct, operate, maintain, reuse, and decommission infrastructure, the ASCE feels these policy recommendations “are essential to enhance the public’s health, safety, and welfare, while protecting the environment and maintaining economic competitiveness of organizations and communities. Cyber and physical threats are a growing concern, impacting how civil engineers carry out their critical jobs.” 

With escalating global tensions and occurrences of cyberwarfare, the cyber threat level across the club is at unprecedented heights. Now it is more important than ever for organizations to ensure the cybersecurity programs are proactive and routinely tested for effectiveness