Some useful end of year round ups - in the rather specific sphere of professional life: 2021 in Construction Law, 2021 in construction from an insurance perspective, and industry lookaheads (more in the tweets). 

But my favourite round up so far was a round up of the funniest things on the Internet 2021. No, it's not very high brow, but it's nice to end the year with a bit of a laugh. I particularly liked "I'm not a cat", and a look back at the story of the Ever Given. I agree with the article pointing out how nice it is to have a piece of news that can be boiled down to three words ('Big Boat Stuck'). In a year full of complicated statistics and rules, alongside my work - which often involves deconstructing complex sequences of events and technical concepts into less complex paragraphs - it was a relief to have something immediately graspable as news!

It has been a long year but from a professional point of view and personally, at least, it has been a satisfying one. I am pleased to have finally met my team members and colleagues at HKA in person. I am pleased to have achieved a couple of professional goals: membership of the ICE, and membership of the Academy of Experts. I was proud to contribute to HKA's CRUX 2021 report and launch. I've produced work I'm proud of, and that has had tangible positive benefit for clients, while working alongside some brilliant people. HKA also seems to have gone from strength to strength and I am thankful to have found myself, virtually, 'here'. So much effort was put into keeping colleagues connected, encouraging a safe return to work and ensuring everyone has the mental health support they need. 

That said, it hasn't been a normal year, and I am looking forward to a Christmas break to take a bit of time to relax and, obviously, eat myself silly (my Achilles heel). It is important for everyone to have down time, particularly when the year has been spent for many sat indoors in front of their screens at home, without nearly as much human interaction as is usual, and when so much 'other' has been going on. Many of us have been encouraged to switch off for Christmas and the new year. 

I wish everyone a wonderful break, whether that's reading the Building Law Reports or eating a tub of Quality Street in front of Elf. Both are equally important, in different ways (doctors agree, not in those exact words...). Who else is fully switching off?